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4: If the Alitrack should crash in the final phase of landing or on the ground, the pilot is still invited to send the log of the flight. ps. Currently All’interno della rotta specificare “Round Robin over XXXX”, dove XXXX sta ad indicare il codice ICAO dell’aeroporto in questione. Scopri i voli low cost Alitalia e prenota subito il tuo prossimo viaggio a prezzi economici. "es. 21: The Overspeed in the PIREP will have a tolerance of Max 1 minute. 7: The flight can be flown after being booked no later than 24 hours. The option Charter Center Alitalia Virtual allows in the creation of Charter Flights (free flights) of your choice. font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; Per tutte le altre regole fare riferimento al regolamento generale di Compagnia. Leggendo nel manuale per fsx di Boeing 767 mi dice che il cost index viene dato dalla compagnia. It was formed as a result of an Anglo-Italian agreement and was funded by the Italian government and British European Airways (BEA) in a 60/40 share arrangement with a capital of 900 million lire (£1,000,000). 7. Available to download in PNG, PDF, XLS format, Access to this and all other statistics on 80,000 topics from. 23: It is compulsory to fly with a detection software Metar. In the route specify "Round Robin over XXXX", where XXXX is the ICAO code of airport in question. You can only download this statistic as a Premium user. November 26, 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Data prior to 2015 was gathered from previous reports. Note: For users that use X-PLANE, please note that compatibility with our ACARS is only with the use of XUIPC. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 50 countries Fees range from $20-$40 per way and depend on the particular route. Tutorial Per Settare l'alitrak in KiloGrams (Kg) 3. Turorial Set Alitrak in KiloGrams (Kg) Pilots are required to fly at least 2 flights per month to keep the account active (except in special cases communicated to the staff, by the Leave of Absence module inside the Pilot Center), or will be considered inactive; for reactivated the account the pilot will be send a mail to. 1: Sono consentiti i voli on-line e i voli off-line. ... Fabulous Flybe flies again – but at what cost? Il volo ONLINE ( IVAO - VATSIM ) è consentito solo ed esclusivamente con la propria matricola Alitalia Virtual "AZAxxxx" oppure con il numero del volo "AZA1234", ad eccezione di eventi o tour,nei quali viene obbligatoriamente richiesto una schedulazione con  un callsign specifico. Also headquartered in Rome. US Approves Trans-Atlantic Joint Venture Without Alitalia. All Rights Reserved. } If the date of registration will not be made at least one trip in 30 days, the account will still be deleted for spamming. Then you will be able to mark statistics as favourites and use personal statistics alerts. 4: I voli charter dopo la creazione il sistema li inserisce in automatico in TimeTable e verranno cancellati in 2/3 giorni. 9: The flight may be flown at any time also other than that indicated in the flight booked both offline and online. Italia med sin innholdsrike historie og sine mange godt bevarte minner fra renessansen, tiltrekker seg hvert eneste år flere titalls millioner av turister. LEGGI. 2: Flights must necessarily be carried out with the Alitrak. Since PFPX plans a climb and descent speed (250/320/.84 on the climb if I remember right and .84/320/250 on the descent) the only thing the cost index would impact is the cruise speed. It is not allowed to fly with alitrak and another acars system of others virtual airlines. 3: Then the pilot is redirected to the Pilot Center which is the area reserved for pilot from which you can access all the different functions. 2: Charter flights with cat A & B aircraft may have a minimum distance of 30NM. Web Master: Antonio Tufano;Web Designer:Antonio Tufano. Europa, perdite per 89 miliardi Alitalia, Patuanelli: ora al 100% dello Stato poi si vedrà: flotta di oltre 90 aerei. for those who have signed the participation in the Tour itself. 1: Launch the Alitrak, click Info / Settings and set as in the image. To embrace this supply is measured by available seat kilometer (ASK) with a unit cost index obtained by dividing aeronautical expenses (personnel, fuel, airport and traffic, amortization and leasing) by the ASK . 17:  Maximum Fuel on Board / Maximum Landing Fuel: 18: Is not mandatory to respect the aircraft reported in the Time Table, and the same may be replaced with another of the same category that is present in Alitalia actual fleet. 20: Cost Index: A319, A320, A321, MD82, EMB170, EMB175, EMB190 CRJ900 Cost Index 7 - A332, B767, B777 Cost Index 25 24: Volo Online; 6: The History Fleet is available only for Charter Flights. facts. You are in Registration page, first of all is necessary to read a Policy, then if you accept terms & conditions, you will be a Alitaliavirtual Pilot! La creazione del volo charter va effettuata secondo questi criteri: 1: I voli charter devono avere una distanza minima di 180NM ( voli charter con distanza inferiore a 180NM saranno cancellati e non validati ). The ideal entry-level account for individual users.

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